1. Download the App

Using your smart devices, navigate to the App Store and download Animate Art app. Use the link provided below. An Android version of the app is currently not available as it is still under development.

Download on the App Store  

If you are viewing our website with a computer, use the QR Code provided below to scan and download the app.

2. Learn How to Use It

Once launched the app, navigate to the instruction page simply by clicking the i button on the top right of the screen.

3. Explore (Demo: Pillars of Humanity)

Lets get you started actually viewing now. From the main menu, select the 'Pillars of Humanity' button. Make sure the image to the right of this paragraph is completely visible in your web browser.

After selecting 'Pillars of Humanity,' and ensuring that you can view the full image in this window, point your phone camera at the image. You will notice a slight change as it switches from a static 2D image to a full three-dimensional scene. Make sure youur volume is turned up and your phone is not on silent mode if you want to hear the narrations.

Now feel free to explore the scene. Tap on things that seem interesting and watch them come to life!

All Other Projects Listed in the App

You can check out other projects we've done HERE or explore more via Animate Art app on the AppStore.